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Sony Product Warranty Terms
Terms of Service

Sony agrees to provide repair service for Sony’s product (“Product”) during the effective warranty period according to the terms and conditions and 個別產品保用明細表 hereinafter.

2. Customer shall provide the proof of purchase (either in the form of official receipt or delivery note) to enjoy the benefit of this Warranty Service; otherwise, Customer agrees that Sony shall provide the Warranty Service according to the date of delivery or the record of product registration in the system of Sony.

3. If the Product is found malfunctioned and required parts replacement, Sony shall, during the Warranty Period, provide repair services without costs (unless otherwise stated in the respective Warranty Agreement). Such repair services include the costs of labour and all replacement parts required for the proper functioning of the products registered but exclude: (1) Supplied Software; (2) Supplied Accessories & Cabinet; (3) Sealing gasket for waterproof product.

4. Sony shall provide repair service which includes the cost of labour, and all replacement parts required under warranty period with the exception that:

 (a) The Product is not covered by any warranty (where any warranty period is expired, or it is within warranty period but Customer’s request for repair service is related to any consumable items, accessories, cabinets/cosmetic damage or loss to any software programs/data, software conflicts, damage due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or improper voltage supply and/or such other situation as specified in Sony’s warranty agreement and instruction manual; or

 (b) The Product is modified, altered, installed, or repaired other than by Sony or Sony’s authorized service facilities prior to the repair service provided by Sony.

5. Upon discovery of a defect in materials, workmanship or failure to meet the specifications in Products during Warranty Period, Sony shall repair Products without charging any technical labor fee and repair parts cost, on the condition that Customer brings Products to Sony's authorized service shops within the Warranty Period. In case of any disputes, Sony shall reserve its final decision rights. Upon repair or replacement, Sony shall own all the parts removed from the defective Products. Sony uses new and/or reconditioned parts made by various manufacturers in performing warranty repairs and replacing Products. Even if Sony repairs or replaces a Product, its original Warranty Period is not extended.

6. This warranty does not apply when the malfunction results from the use of Product in conjunction with accessories, products or ancillary or peripheral equipment, or where it is determined by Sony that there is no fault with Product itself. This warranty is invalid if the factory-applied serial number has been altered or removed from Product.

7. On-site service is limited to Television and Home Theatre System [Television of size 22 inch or below is excluded from this service].

8. Should customer’s article located at outlying islands requires Sony workshop service, the customer shall be at his / her own expenses responsible for deliver the article to one of our Sony customer service centers and pick up at the same Sony customer service centre upon completion of the repair service.

9. This warranty service does not cover machine body and lens cleaning and dusting service (they are Value Added Service with charges)

10. Customer should inform Sony in writing as soon as possible in case of any change of contact information. Sony shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the Customer’s failure to inform us promptly.

11. This warranty service is non-transferrable.

12. This warranty service is valid only in Hong Kong and Macau regions (exclusion from any foreign warranty coverage).

13. All warranty services shall be provided in accordance with the prevailing Service Terms for Repair Services.


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